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About Emerging Research Workshops

The ADVANCE Resource and Coordination (ARC) Network convenes scholars from multiple disciplines for two-day Emerging Research Workshops about innovative and understudied topics on faculty equity in STEM.

At the Emerging Research Workshops, twenty to thirty researchers and practitioners participate in a series of facilitator-led discussions designed to culminate in recommendations for new directions for research, intervention, and practice.

Group photo of participants of the Identity-based Harassment workshop.Group photo of participants of the Inclusive Language workshop.

Emerging Research Workshops help move scholarship and practice forward by producing cross-disciplinary and intersectional perspectives on emerging topics critical to equity for STEM faculty.

These two-day workshops engage participants in facilitated discussions on current research and practice, identify gaps in knowledge and approach, and prioritize where additional or new research, policy, and/or intervention are needed. Resulting reports are shared with the larger community for additional contribution and offer a series of recommendations for new scholarship, intervention, and practice.

Workshop topics thus far have included:

  • 2019 - Identity-based Harassment
  • 2021 - Big Data and Algorithms
  • 2022 - Exclusionary STEM Language
  • 2022 - COVID-19 and Faculty Equity
  • 2023 - Commercialization

Who Can Attend Emerging Research Workshops?

Members of the planning committee for each workshop nominate scholars and practitioners working in the topic area who represent a diverse array of disciplines, research specialties, institution types, career stages, and social demographic backgrounds.

The larger community contributes to each report by answering the workshop questions and sharing their recommendations via a survey. The resulting reports are disseminated broadly to researchers, policymakers, program developers, and other change agents.

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