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Addressing systems of marginalization and privilege.


Cultivating self-awareness and action.


Creating authentic, sustainable, and equitable environments.

Ways to Engage

Bridging the gap between research and practice by enabling a peer-to-peer exchange of adaptable knowledge, skills, and practices to advance learning and effect systemic change in academic STEM environments.


As the go-to hub for community collaboration, the ARC Network platform offers events hosted by the community and provides online learning opportunities, such as webinars and virtual workshops.

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Mendeley Resource Library

A rich library of curated resources to aid the community in their STEM equity efforts. Reports, white papers, briefings, unpublished manuscripts, toolkits, datasets, training videos,  and many other resources .

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Community Convening

The ARC Network ADVANCE Equity in STEM Community Convening serves as a meeting space for researchers, practitioners, and change agents dedicated to creating equitable STEM workplaces.

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Programs for Change

Our Virtual Visiting Scholars and Emerging Research Workshop programs synthesize existing research, produce new research agendas, and provide evidence-based recommendations for policy and practice.
Collage of profile images of Virtual Visiting Scholars from cohort 3.

Virtual Visiting Scholars (VVS)

A unique opportunity for select scholars across disciplines to pursue research meta-analysis, synthesis, and big data curation on topics crucial to STEM equity.

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Emerging Research Workshops

The Workshops engage leading investigators in a two-day workshops on innovative and emerging research on faculty equity in STEM.

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Developer at Elastic Themes
June 2, 2024

2024 ADVANCE Equity in STEM Community Convening

Join us in Baltimore, Maryland from June 2-5, 2024 at the Hilton Inner Harbor to drive systemic change in STEM. Attendees have an opportunity to share new research findings and exchange resources; brainstorm strategies; collaborate in novel ways; learn about avenues for funding; and demonstrate effective programs and interventions for greater collective impact. Since 2019, the NSF-funded ADVANCE EiSCC has served as the convening for NSF ADVANCE grantees in a format that facilitates engagement with change agents within and beyond the NSF ADVANCE community. The ADVANCE EiSCC brings together a variety of change makers from higher education, professional societies, industry, government, and non-profits in an engaged exchange of knowledge, resources, and support to drive systemic change in STEM.


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Stay connected with the latest news, thought leadership, current research, best practices, and upcoming events from the ARC Network community about #EquityInSTEM.
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