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Mendeley Help Guide

A step by step guide on how to access the ARC Network Library on Mendeley.
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Industry-academia partnerships in STEM

The ARC Network welcomed Cohort 4 Virtual Visiting Scholar Dr. Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup will present her work focusing on gender and gender intersectionality in industry-academia partnerships in STEM.
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Strategies of Persistence among Women of Color in STEM: A Meta-Ethnography of Qualitative Findings

The ARC Network welcomed Cohort 4 Virtual Visiting Scholar Dr. Rodica Lisnic to present her work exploring persistence strategies women of color in STEM use to navigate the tenure and promotion processes.
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WEPAN Announces Virtual Visiting Scholars Dedicated to Researching STEM Equity

The FIfth Cohort of Researchers to Fuel Investigations for ARC Network
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Cultivating Equity in STEM through Inclusive Language

The ADVANCE Resource and Coordination (ARC) Network convened scholars from multiple disciplines for a 2-day workshop to prioritize under-studied research questions within the general theme of Problematic Jargon in STEM.
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Analysis of Funding Trends Addressing Girls/Women of Color and STEM: An Intersectional Approach

The ARC Network welcomed Cohort 3 Virtual Visiting Scholar (VVS) Dr. Kimberly Scott to present her work analyzing funding trends targeting girls/women of color and STEM, applying intersectionality as an analytical strategy.
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