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Announcing Keynote Speakers for the 2024 ADVANCE EiSCC

We are excited to announce our keynote speakers for the 2024 ADVANCE EiSCC! Taking place in Baltimore, Maryland from June 2-5, the ADVANCE EiSCC at the Hilton Inner Harbor will bring change agents together to drive systemic change in STEM.

For the keynote dinner on Tuesday, June 4th, 6-8 pm, our speakers are:

  • Jessica Hernandez, an Indigenous scholar and author of the award-winning book Fresh Banana Leaves: Healing Indigenous Landscapes through Indigenous Science
  • Lydia Jennings, an Indigenous soil scientist, science communicator, and runner
  • Chelsey Juarez, a forensic anthropologist and community advocate

For the closing keynote on Wednesday, June 5th, 1:15-2:30 pm, our speaker is:

  • Autumn Asher BlackDeer, a queer anti-colonial Indigenous scholar-activist

If you have not yet registered for the 2024 ADVANCE EiSCC, you can do so at:

All members of the ARC Network receive a $50 discount on registration.

There is also a virtual ticket option for $50. Virtual attendees will have access to the live streamed plenary sessions through the WEPAN Events App. Additionally, virtual attendees have event app access for networking, viewing presenter materials, and using other features (please note the ARC Network member discount does not apply)

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to


Symposium on Leadership and Equity to Advance All Faculty (LEAF)

The Villanova Initiative to Support Inclusiveness and Build Leaders (VISIBLE) is proud to present the inaugural Symposium on Leadership and Equity to Advance All Faculty (LEAF) on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Thursday, May 23, 2024 at the Inn at Villanova University.

The LEAF Symposium will feature:

  • Keynote addresses from Dr. Monica Cox and Dr. Ramón Barthelemy.
  • Praxis and research-based sessions on improving equity for faculty.
  • Pre-conference interactive performances and from DEI-focused theatre troupes.
  • Opportunities to build formal and informal networks with other attendees.

Read more and register at:

Career Opportunities

Permanent Program Director, NSF Directorate for STEM Education

The Program Director will help to establish relevant research agendas that enhance current teaching and learning and catalyze new, more equitable, creative, and potentially transformative approaches in STEM education research.

The position announcement is available here:

Program Manager for Equity and Inclusion, Colorado School of Mines

The Program Manager for Equity and Inclusion will provide leadership in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of intersectional programming to support the advancement of underrepresented faculty and staff. The position will collaborate with key campus partners and academic departments to evaluate policies and practices to foster an inclusive academic culture. Additionally, the Program Manager will develop and facilitate DEI learning opportunities to further DEI knowledge and application across campus.

The full job posting can be found here:


'Executive Coaching" Webinar Now Available

For this webinar in WEPAN’s Professional Development Series, three experts discussed what executive coaching is and how it can be a beneficial investment for any individual.

Watch at:

VVS & ERW Digest

Collected resources and news regarding our Virtual Visiting Scholars andEmerging Research Workshops.

Read and Give Feedback on the Latest ARC Emerging Research Workshop Reports

The two newest reports from the ARC Network's Emerging Research Workshops have been released. The reports, "Using Big Data and Algorithms to Foster Equity in STEM" and "Cultivating Equity In STEM Through Inclusive Language," cover research and promising practices on each of the topics and suggest new directions for future work. We invite the community to share their expertise on the topics. To read the reports and share your input visit

Equity in the News

A selection of equity, diversity, and inclusion-related articles.

"Scholars Respond to ‘Politicized Attacks on DEI'" by J. Blake in Inside Higher Ed

A group of higher education researchers from across the country released a report Wednesday providing what they call “evidence-based expert responses” to critiques of diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices aired at a Congressional hearing [in March].

The report lists eight “DEI Myths,” including that DEI is divisive, that all DEI initiatives place people in one of two categories, privileged and oppressed, that DEI and critical race theory are the same, and that “too-woke” professionals have taken over campuses.

It counters the myths with data, anecdotes and observations from 12 faculty members and administrators who say that DEI initiatives aim to bring students and employees together to learn from each other’s differences, that they account for “tiny fractions” of overall institutional budgets and that DEI professionals rarely have any jurisdiction over classroom curriculums.

Equity Resources

Publications, reports, or communications relevant to equity in the academy. All resources listed below are available in the ARC Network online resource library.

"The Department Chair’s Role in Fostering Equity: Family-Friendly
Policies" by S. Morgan, L. Bartels and L. O'Brien

“Institutions that support faculty in addressing life concerns while they perform their faculty roles are places that will retain talented faculty. Institutions able to meet faculty where they are—working with them to create schedules, departmental norms, and evaluations that are equitable—will improve academic workforce stability.

Each faculty member has unique needs. The goal is to meet those needs equitably rather than being concerned about whether everyone is being treated equally . . . Department chairs need to approach each faculty member’s needs with flexibility and ask what type of support they need, addressing their individual needs on a case-by-case basis."

"Distributing DEI Work: Training Majority Faculty to Serve as Diversity Advocates on Search Committees" by B. King

“The hiring official should seek to ensure that women and minorities from within the department should be represented on all Search and Screen Committees to offer diverse perspectives and different ideas that may enhance efforts to recruit and evaluate candidates."

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