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The ARC Network welcomed the sixth cohort of Virtual Visiting Scholars (VVS) cohort, Drs. Brooke Coley and Jessica Gold, to discuss their VVS projects! The VVS program annually supports 2-4 selected scholars to complete metasyntheses and meta-analyses of existing literature on topics relevant to equity in STEM.

Dr. Brooke Coley is Founding Executive Director of the Center for Research Advancing Racial Equity, Justice, and Sociotechnical Innovation Centered in Engineering (RARE JUSTICE)—an unprecedented testbed for innovating and modeling antiracist and equitable engineering futures—and Assistant Professor of Engineering, both at Arizona State University. Dr. Coley’s research lies at the intersection of racial equity, mental health and qualitative research methods encompassing critical theory, participatory action research, and arts-based research methods. Her work is anchored in an intentional amplification of the voices of minoritized populations in STEM with the goal of informing disruption of the pervasive systemic inequities found in racialized organizations such as institutions of higher learning. Dr. Coley earned her  Doctor of Philosophy degree in Bioengineering with a concentration inBiomechanics from the University of Pittsburgh. She also completed her Bachelor Of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maryland BaltimoreCounty as a Meyherhoff Scholar.

Dr. Jessica Gold is a postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University in the Sociology and Anthropology department. She earned her BA in Sociology from the College of William and Mary and her PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Gold’s research focuses on organizational analyses of gender and racial inequality, including university faculty hiring and scientific teams. She is a mixed-methods researcher, using computational text and network analysis, quantitative statistical methods, and qualitative interviews.

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